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family association Gräff-Graeff e. V.

Reunionstreffen "530 Jahre Graeff" auf Schloss Kornberg in der Steiermark, 2014
Reunion meeting "530 years Graeff" at Schloss Kornberg, Styria, 2014


The internationally active family association Gräff-Graeff e. V. was founded and officially registered in Austria in August 2013. The purpose of the association is to get to know, research and bring together the alleged descendants of Wolfgang von Graben († 1521) from the Graben family, Kornberg line in Styria. The association has branches in the Netherlands, South Africa and the USA and has around 150 members. The chairman and country speaker for Austria is Matthias Laurenz Gräff.

Recognition Award

 Since 2024, the association has been awarding recognition to people who have made a contribution to cultural life. This award is intended to continue a tradition that the De Graeff family maintained as patrons of the arts during the Dutch Golden Age. The pin with the coat of arms of (De) Graeff was chosen as a badge of honor to emphasize tradition and solidarity. The recognition is awarded by Matthias Laurenz Gräff in his capacity as chairman of the family association and as academic painter.